Man accused of killing friend extradited back to Sint Maarten

A man accused of being involved in the killing of a Colombian national on July 1sth 2016 on the Alexis Arrnell road was extradited from the US to Dutch Sint. Maarten on Monday, December 23rd 2019The suspect with initials A.C. has since been heard by detectives of the High Impact Crimes Unit for his involvement in the killing that took place about 3 years ago.
The suspect who was a friend of the victim gave the police a statement in 2016 and shorty after fled the island to the US.
An extradition warrant was later issued for the suspect who was living in the US. He was arrested on the warrant by the US authorities and extradited at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office back to Sint Maarten.
The body of the victim body was discovered on Alexis Arnell Road in the Cay-Hill area on Friday afternoon July 1st 2016.
Through a great joint cooperation between the Dutch and American authorities the suspect was brought back to Sint Maarten. He has being incarcerated pending further investigation.