Wever turns on Traffic lights on Sunday


In the photo Minister of VROMI Christopher Wever (left) turns the switch activating the traffic lights in Philipsburg on Sunday afternoon, while some of the people instrumental in installing the new lights look on.

The familiar red, green and orange lights giving instructions to motorists is again turned on after more than two years of being destroyed by hurricane Irma thanks to the effort of VROMI Minister Christopher Wever,
The new lights were installed a week ago and followed a series of tests to ensure that they were functioning correctly.
Wever turned on the lights at the intersection, Walter Nisbeth Road, Bush Road, A.th. Illidge Road and Long Wall Road on Sunday following a series of tests that were carried out to ensure that they function correctly. He said the lights would first blink orange for about a week to create awareness for motorists that they are operating again.
This approach is necessary as he feels reprogramming the minds of motorists to expect and respect the traffic lights will be a gradual process.
In a release issued Sunday evening Wever said “Earlier this afternoon, we turned on the traffic lights which have not been functioning since the passing of Hurricane Irma. I want to thank Henry and his team from Hemco for their hard work.
He also thanked “Mr Nicolaas and his students for their contribution and said Sunday’s successful turning on of the traffic lights proves that “when people work together, we can accomplish great things.”
The traffic lights will go into regular functioning starting next week, and motorists are urged to pay strict attention to the traffic lights and abide by the rules governing their operation. The traffic lights are the most familiar symbols for regulating traffic and have been very useful at the intersection. It forces motorists to stop and reduces the risk of accidents as motorists are forced to slow down and ultimately come to a stop.
“It is against the law to ignore the traffic lights, and I am encouraging everyone to pay attention to the lights and be guided by them at the intersection to ensure all of our safety,” said Wever. He added;” remember by respecting the traffic rules the life you save might be your own.”

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