Armed robberies on two restaurants

The police force KPSM was kept busy over the weekend with two armed robberies that took place in Cole-Bay and sucker-garden. The first robbery took place on Friday October 4th 2019 approximately 08.10 pm on a Chinese restaurant on the union road. According to the information gathers from the victims, two young men dresses all in black with hoodies on, came into the restaurant brandishing a firearm and robbed the cashier. After the robbery the suspects disappeared in the dark behind restaurant.
About 20 minutes later the police was call to next armed robbery that took place on the on a restaurant in the Sucker-Garden road close to the crossing with Arch road. According to the information gathered , a young man dressed in complete black came in to the establishment armed with a handgun and rob the cashier of the cash. The robbers ran away in the direction of Key’s. The Special Unit Robbery is busy with the investigation these two cases.