Students arrested for school fights

The police force KPSM and the Public Prosecutor’s office has taken a firm position on the fights occurring in and around the school, as part of the zero tolerance policy. The police department started with the arrest of a group of juveniles that were involved in fights on 2 different occasions. On Thursday October 3rd 2019 the juvenile division arrested a minors with initials R.A.C who was involved in a fight that took place on the October 3rd 2019. After being question the suspect was incarcerated in the Miss Lalie Center pending further investigation.
Later that same day, 2 other students with the initials J.I.A and J.K.C were arrested for a fight that took place in the St. Peters gas station on Friday September 27th. 2019 where a group teenagers assaulted a father and his son duo. A complaint was later made by the victims to the detectives at the Juvenile division. A declaration was taken from both minor suspects.
After being interrogated the suspect with the initials J.F.A was held over for further investigation and placed at Miss Lalie detention Center. The other suspect released in the custody of his parents.
The police force KPSM is again reminding the students about the zero tolerance policy when it comes to school and gang fights and , we are also pleading with all parents and the community to get involved in trying to alleviate this rapidly growing problem. Parents of student involved in these fights should also be reminded there are also partly responsible for the behavior and attributed to their minor children.