On Wednesday September 18th the White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation (WYCCF) signed two new care agreements with the Social and Health Insurances (SZV), ensuring the continuity of quality healthcare services to the residents of Sint Maarten. The signing of these contracts was marked by both organizations as an important moment for all clients that they serve.
The SZV manages the AVBZ fund, which is a fund that started in 1996 to cover hard to insure chronic care, based on the solidarity principle with contributions to this fund by employers and employees. Some examples of care covered by the AVBZ fund are: nursing home and elderly care, district nursing services and medical aides such as customized wheelchairs. The new AVBZ care agreement 2019 – 2020 that was signed by WYCCF and SZV, covers a new care product that will become operational as of October 1st. The WYCCF will then open the first Hospice of country Sint Maarten, a 2-bed facility where high quality palliative care will be given to residents in their last stage of life. Palliative care is end of life care where the focus is placed on the relief of suffering and ensuring that someone’s last weeks and days are spent as comfortable as possible. Earlier this year, WYCCF started construction on the Hospice, which is located in one of the wings of the Sint Martin’s Home in St. John’s Estate. With much focus on comfort, care and the inclusion of families in the hospice setting, a redesign of the wing was completed and the hospice is currently being furnished. Other care products that are covered in the new AVBZ care agreement are: 54 beds nursing home care, 34 beds elderly care, all care products of the Sister Basilia Center (Daycare, Residence and Guided Living), District Nursing Care for chronically ill clients and a 20-person Psychogeriatric Daycare facility.
The second care agreement signed covers all home health services of WYCCF, such as District Nursing, Home- and Maternity care as well as Rehabilitation care. As keeping clients at home is an important goal in healthcare, strengthening the home healthcare services is crucial on Sint Maarten. With a fast-growing client base of over 250 clients, the continued financing of District Nursing services is essential to ensure clients can remain at home while in need of care. All newly signed contracts include clearly defined quality indicators that the WYCCF will measure yearly to support the continued improvements in healthcare services.
Both SZV and WYCCF are very pleased with the outcome of the negotiations and marked the signing ceremony as a sign of their shared commitment to ensure quality healthcare for all residents of Sint Maarten.