NATIONAL ADDRESS BY PRIME MINISTER Hon. Leona Romeo-Marlin on Tropical Storm Jerry

My Fellow Sint Maarteners and Visitors,
The Emergency Operations Center met on Wednesday afternoon to discuss Tropical Storm Jerry.
As of 5.00pm on Wednesday, the country is now under a Tropical Storm Watch.
A Tropical Storm Watch means that tropical storm conditions are possible within the watch area, generally within 48 hours.
Tropical Storm Jerry is forecast to pass near St. Maarten on Friday. Jerry is forecast to become a Hurricane on Thursday.
The Meteorological Department of Sint Maarten says that Tropical Storm Jerry should pass approximately 115 miles to the north of the country on Friday night based on the tracking information of Wednesday afternoon.
I can fully understand that people are anxious at this point in time with the approaching storm. The Government has taken stock of its state of preparedness for the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season, and I also urge you to do the same.
I would like to remind residents and business owners, since we are in the midst of the hurricane season, to use the opportunity to revisit your business, household and family preparedness plans and be ready to take quick action when the need arises.
Tropical Storm Jerry is expected to bring tropical storm conditions to the country. On Thursday, based on updated information provided by the MET DEPT, information will be provided with respect to the status of schools on Friday. An announcement will also be made with respect to the Hurricane Shelters whether those will be open as a precautionary measure.
In addition, contractors and builders are urged to review and implement their tropical storm/hurricane plans in order to secure construction and building sites. Marine/boat yards should also review and implement their plans to secure the aforementioned as well as storage and wholesale depots.

As a precautionary measure, the Sint Maarten Police Force on Thursday will move into a higher state of preparedness. Assistance has also been requested for the Marine detachment on the island to be ready to assists our Police Force should it become necessary in order to maintain public order.
The various Emergency Support Functions are ready for the passing of Tropical Storm Jerry.
Persons are urged to visit the Government website to learn more about hurricane hazards and how to adequately prepare for a storm/hurricane strike. Visit the Government website: where you will be able to view the Hurricane Readiness Guide and download your “Hurricane Tracking Chart.” Listen to the Government Radio station – 107.9FM for official information and news before, during and after a hurricane. And for official weather-related updates visit the website of Meteorological Department of St. Maarten,
Thank you
May God Bless Sint Maarten.