Armed robbery on 2 supermarkets

The Special Unit Robbery is investigating two (2) arm robberies that took place on (2) Chines supermarkets on Wednesday September 11th 2019. The first robbery took place on Cannegier street at approximately 11.30 am. The two suspects who were dressed in dark colored clothing, entered the establishment, and under threat of a knife robber the cashier of the cash. After committing their act, the suspects ran away in an unknown direction. Later in the day, about12.30 pm, the police patrol was sent to A.Th Illidge road for a robbery that took place on another Chinese supermarket. According to the information gather at the scene, two suspects who were both dressed in dark clothing and relatively young, robbed the cashier at the establishment. One of the robbers had a mask over his face and was armed with a knife. After robbing the cashier ,both suspects ran in the direction of Madame estate. The SUR is busy with the investigation into these robberies