TelEm Group Fixed and Mobile data services back online following lightning strike Wednesday night

TelEm Group Fixed-line data and LTE mobile data services are back on line this morning (Thursday) after a lightning strike damaged power equipment at the Smitcoms building, Harbour View, Wednesday night.

The services became affected shortly after 8:30 pm, in the height of Wednesday’s lightning storm and torrential downpour.

According to TelEm Group CEO, Mr. Kendall Dupersoy, several systems were affected and technicians and engineers worked diligently to restore first a downed server, so that internet connections could resume, and on Thursday morning, restoration of LTE mobile data.

“The thing with lightning is you never know where it is going to strike. We just have to be quick to respond when it does,” said Mr. Dupersoy. He thanked the technical team for their quick response and has meantime apologized to customers for any inconvenience caused by Wednesday night’s outage.

TelEm Group internet subscribers who are still experiencing problems with their fixed line connections are advised to turn their modem off and then on again after approximately 10 seconds before contacting the TelEm Group Helpdesk on 611 for further assistance.