KPSM/ VROMI and GEBE partners to install Community safety streetlights

The Police Force of Sint Maarten (KPSM) in partnership with VROMI and N.V. G.E.B.E. has come to an agreement to install Community Safety Streetlights. These streetlights which will be equipped with digital surveillance cameras will allow the Camera Surveillance Center which is operated and managed by KPSM to monitor and operate these cameras in real time and it will assist KPSM to quickly identify and resolve any unlawful activities. KPSM applauds this collaboration with N.V. G.E.B.E. which will serve as part of the first stage in the expansion of the present Camera Observation Project. This initiative will definitely serve as a great addition to the camera project which has proven to be very successful.
Taking the Privacy Laws into account all images captured and gathered by these cameras for legal purposes will be managed and stored solely by KPSM at the Camera Surveillance Center and will fall totally under the responsibility of the Chief of Police.
KPSM is proud and happy with the progress and completion of this pilot project in the district of Belvedere. The goal of N.V. G.E.B.E. is to provide clearer, more reliable and energy efficient streetlights for the entire community of Sint Maarten while KPSM will be able to monitor any illegal activities in those areas. As this project continues KPSM, VROMI and N.V. G.E.B.E. will work in close contact with each other to determine the next areas for streetlight placement.
The placement of Community Safety Streetlights will definitely improve the safety and security in all communities as Sint Maarten moves forward after the passing of Hurricanes Irma and Maria.