Naval Commander in the Caribbean


The Ministry of Defense receives rapports that they have sent a marine –who was drunk and caused a car accident- back to the Netherlands without any prosecution. This message is incorrect. With this statement the Ministry of Defense would like to explain the situation with regards the prosecution of military personnel in general and the marine in this specific case.

Let us make one thing clear: in no way we set out to protect military personnel from being prosecuted for acts they wrongfully committed. It is up to the Public Ministry where the individual military person will be tried, either in one of the islands of the Kingdom or before the military Chamber of the Court in the Netherlands. The public prosecution in all of these countries are autonomous and repatriation of military personnel to the Netherlands will always take place in coordination with the local authorities. In any case, they will be tried and held responsible for their acts. All military personnel of the Netherlands’ armed forces adhere to strict standards under common criminal law, but in addition to that also under military penal law. In general, prosecution of military personnel will take place in the special military Chamber in Arnhem, the Netherlands where the public prosecution is specialized in military penal law. Irrespective of the outcome of the penal law procedure, the Defense organization often undertake additional measures in order to hold an individual responsible. Some examples of this are suspension, repatriation and/or possibly even forced resignation.

In general, a military member of the armed forces thus suffers severe consequences of their actions committed overseas in either one of the autonomous islands, and will undergo trial in either part of the Kingdom under the same laws and circumstances.
So happens to also be the case with the case referred to above where a marine was involved in an accident and was under influence of alcohol. The defense organization highly disapproves of such behavior. Therefore the ministry of Defense has undertaken to suspend and repatriate this specific marine to the Netherlands, where he is currently awaiting prosecution.

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    But it could also set a bad precedent for the AFL with fans turning up in droves to see the match, but not to attend a game.

    Tigers coach Nathan Buckley said he and players had discussed the issue in the dressing room and said it was not a major issue.

    “There are no complaints at all, everyone understands the game, players understand the game. There’s nothing of the sort,” Buckley said.

    “It was never a problem. It’s something that was a real concern with me.

    “I’m aware of it, and I was in the room in the dressing room talking to the players.

    “It was always a massive thing for me, it was not a big deal, it’s just I’m not used to them turning up in excess and I didn’t want to risk it.”

    Tigers v Giants at MCG Saturday, April 28, 2013, 7.15pm AEST

    Brisbane Tigers v Melbourne Giants at MCG Sunday, April 29, 2013, 9.20pm AEST

    Carlton v Richmond v Essendon at SCG Friday, May 6, 2013, 3.40pm AEST

    Sydney Swans v West Coast v Port Adelaide at Etihad Stadium Saturday, May 8, 2013, 7.15pm AEST

    Gold Coast Suns v Gold Coast Suns at Gabba Saturday, May 15, 2013, 7.30pm AEST

    Melbourne v Sydney Swans at Domain Stadium Monday, May 17, 2013, 10.00am AEST

    Collingwood v Sydney Swans at SCG Monday, May 24, 2013, 3.15pm AEST

    Collingwood v Collingwood at Adelaide Oval Wednesday, May 26, 2013, 7.15pm AEST

    Richmond v Fremantle at Simonds Stadium Friday, June 4, 2013, 1.25pm AEST

    Carlton v Adelaide at Etihad Stadium Thursday, June 7, 2013, 5.20pm AEST

    Sydney Swans v Geelong v Geelong at Domain Stadium Monday, June 12, 2013, 10.05pm AEST

    Essendon v Essendon at Adelaide Oval Wednesday, June 14, 2013, 7.15pm AEST

    Richmond v North Melbourne at Etihad Stadium Saturday, June 20, 2013, 7.30pm AEST

    Geelong v Richmond at Metricon Stadium Tuesday, June 23, 2013, 8.45pm AEST

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    This course discusses theories and practice in sociomedical social work. We will examine the social and economic factors influencing the practice of sociomedical social work and the social structures of social work that have influenced its formation.

    TECH 3350 Practicum in Social Work II (2.00)

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    Cas upholds wada appeal essendon anti doping verdict and the anti doping cases were appealed by the former WADA chief executive officer Patrick McEntee.”

    “McEntee was not suspended and his term in the WADA chair ended immediately after the independent commission issued its findings against him.”

    It said the “dishonesty was so flagrant” it was “unusual for a single person to have so much weight transferred to them” and one “that is a member of WADA, but also a member of the UCI”.

    “I accept there will be a significant cost, in terms of the legal fees which the UCI is required to pay to the athlete and their team.”

    It continued: “No doubt there will be strong calls in some quarters for an independent investigation into the conduct of the UCI, but there are a number of factors that prevent that happening.”

    I understand there have been some calls for WADA to investigate the UCI for its handling of the investigation of the Armstrong case, and I understand that the UCI has also expressed concerns about the UCI’s “pinch” over the report itself.

    However, there appears to be no legal authority for what the committee found at the hearing and as I understand it it is entirely the UCI’s prerogative to decide if and when it will launch such an investigation.

    I am told McEntee has since applied to the UCI for a legal “resolve” to the suspension and would like to find out if the UCI has any appeal lodged, which is why Wada has sent a “response statement of record” from its president, Dr Mark Adams.

    Adams said the “independent anti-doping commission was independent because no other person acted within its jurisdiction without the sanction of a court”.

    It said the UCI “is aware of and supports the Wada decision” but has not yet confirmed whether it will investigate the issue further.

    He said his organisation remains “dismayed” that the UCI had “failed in their duty of care and that a sanction for the first offence remains outstanding”.

    “We have no doubts that the UCI will continue to act responsibly and fully, but we are deeply disappointed in the conduct of the UCI and its decision of last week,” Adams said.

    It was Adams’ decision to speak out at the hearing, he explained: “The matter for all the world was the fact that the UCI acted on the finding of the independent anti-doping commission.”

    Adams added: “If the UCI finds that there was a double sanction, that can, without question, be appealed to a higher tribunal.”

    Crisis centre worker calls for fair go from government

    The call comes after the government announced it was seeking comments on its inquiry into alleged discrimination by the health ministry over its health strategy and other aspects of health services.

    A call for comments on the inquiry was sent to Mr Jafari, the minister of international development.

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    Birth rate up in geraldton to 12.1 per 1,000

    1.6m population, 6,900 deaths

    Hospital admissions for non-dental cancer in 2008 were 13,000 per 100,000, the highest level in over 30 years. It is the highest rate since 1970 when the figures first became available.

    The rate of admissions to local hospital increased by a third to 16,400.

    Dental cancer was the fifth leading cause of death in children in 2008, with a rate of 2,848 deaths.

    The hospital admissions for non-dental cancers were 12,000 for children, a 2.9 per cent rise on the previous year.

    More than a third of women aged 25 to 34 had a primary, secondary or tertiary diagnosis of cancer, with men, and for men, cancers being more common in women.

    A cancer referral rate of 8 per 1,000 in 2008 is the lowest since statistics began in 1950.

    A study of cancer admissions in the Northern Territory recorded more than 690,000 people who had been referred for diagnosis between July and September 2008, compared to 3.6 million for 2007.

    It also found almost one in four of those referred were to see a specialist.

    In Victoria there were 489 people who had been diagnosed with cancer between September and October last year, while Queensland’s cancer survival rate for 2007 was 4.9 per cent, the same as in 2008.

    In 2007, more than 70,000 people were dying as a result of the health conditions of their loved ones.

    But the figures were still far short of the estimated 40,000 deaths a year that were anticipated.

    On Monday a Government Health website said Victoria’s death rate per 1,000 people was still 2.2, lower than Australia’s average rate of about 3.1.

    But the Government’s medical officer of health, Professor Sally Hargreaves, said the overall figures showed Victoria’s health system was improving.

    “It was certainly the most successful health system I’ve ever seen in terms of the level of care that’s provided, in terms of health care access and patient care and our ability to meet challenges that we face,” she told Radio National’s Today programme.

    “We’re still way from the 40 per cent death rate we’re at today, but I think it is encouraging.

    “As I would say, we’ve worked really hard on many of those fronts and in all areas of our health system over the last decade or so.”

    Health Minister Peter Dutton said the numbers were a disappointment but it was important to point out that the figures had been adjusted for population growth.

    “These data ma

    Chaotic final day of parliament for the year – which has seen calls for fresh elections

    Police have confirmed that several people were injured in the clashes as they tried to prevent hundreds of protesters from storming parliament buildings in Athens on Wednesday.

    One person was killed and eight more are in hospital with injuries, according to the Public Health Ministry.

    It comes as thousands of people descended on the city centre to celebrate the start of the year by marching through central Athens.

    “I just want to let you know that there is a lot of violence in the streets. One was shot by police. Another man was beaten by three police. It’s an absolute shame,” said one protester.

    The government says the violence is mostly in the north of the country, where there is a high concentration of Greeks.

    The protests have been peaceful. In fact the country is experiencing what is considered by many as a golden age as it prepares for its annual general election which has been triggered by a disputed recall referendum.

    Greece does not have a central budget because it is still broke and cannot raise its own money.

    However, many have criticised the government for not being more aggressive with the opposition, which it claims has not been properly represented during the legislative talks so far.

    The government says there have been no attempts to break through barricades set up during previous protests or to attack police.

    ‘Violent police’

    Demonstrators also say the police response was “brutal” in some cases.

    The latest unrest began late on Tuesday night when the parliament was holding its closing sessions on Wednesday.

    There have been protests and demonstrations in many cities across Greece in recent months, with some clashes at night and others at day-time.

    During the summer of 2009 the protesters took on the police when many of them were sacked or resigned, leading to a police crackdown.

    However, they came back into play as the country went into its fifth year of bailout payments.

    Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has said it is still the case that Athens’s fiscal difficulties – the third-largest in the EU after Spain and Ireland – cannot be solved on his watch.

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    Penis in drawer murderer gets 18 years for rape

    One of the reasons why there has been so much confusion about the case is that there are multiple allegations of rape made by several individuals. There is also testimony by a witness who alleged that the rape was not consensual, and by a judge who was asked to determine whether the victim was 18 years old at the time of the rape, which is considered by most experts as being quite young.

    This case has attracted some attention from the media. While the alleged victims are likely the same ones in the case, the case is being handled through various legal means, not the court system. There are some, of course, who have accused that even those who claimed to be the alleged victims don’t even know about the alleged rapes until the police begin investigating them, a process that can take many months to complete, especially if the accusers are not very well known and they are considered to be too young to be trusted. But other members of the community have questioned whether these victims were in the neighborhood at the time or not.

    It is unclear how many additional victims may exist. But there appears to be a steady flow of victims in what has been a growing trend for sexual assault cases in America.

    Barnett stands by johnson and has no idea what happened to the other players. He said he was in disbelief because of where he stood during the proceedings, but that’s not what made him mad.

    “I would have been mad too,” said Bennett. “If I was a player or I was even close to it, I know that there were others like me that were not punished, that went on and played.”

    He said he has no doubt the case was wrong.

    “If the system is right in that regard, then you’re just not seeing all of the people that are supposed to be involved in these cases,” said Bennett.

    Johnson will not have to wait longer to try to get compensation from the school.

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    Perth mint prevents a swindle by keeping it at arm’s length. But if it makes you feel better (in fact I’m looking at you, Paddy Power), the Perth mint might actually have helped keep the world safer.

    Paddy Power’s research finds that while alcohol sales in Perth were up by a fifth in five years, so too were drug overdoses, car accidents and gun violence.

    ‘The Perth police’s first priority when it came to gun crime in 1996-’97 was gun control,’ says Paddy.

    ‘We asked the Chief Executive of the PPA if they wanted to have guns checked on the street in those times. They said that had a lot to do with how well we kept guns out of the hands of gun enthusiasts and gangsters, or in the hands of violent criminals. But it never did. Gun ownership was up five times over, from 1.7 per cent in 1996-97 to 3.1 per cent in 1997-’98.

    ‘We asked why. What were the reasons? ‘In my experience, the police have to come to terms with gun ownership because the perception of police being a kind of moral authority – in the public’s eyes, police are the heroes of British policing – and that’s something they have to account for to make sure that the population views their action in the same way as they do.’

    In the same way that the Government will keep you safe, Paddy believes that gun owners should be held to account for their own actions, too.

    ‘It’s our responsibility to keep the public informed,’ he says. ‘It’s up to individuals to get themselves into the police station, the ambulance service.

    ‘People might think, “Well, why are you taking the risks of using gun-carrying children and women to get out of your car?” But I think that it’s very hard to justify that when it looks like people are using guns to shoot people or kill people with assault weapons.

    ‘I think the gun owner should be held to account for actions that they engage in that they consider to be illegal or unjustifiable. I don’t think they should get away with carrying guns around any more in Australia, than anyone else should be able to drive a car.’

    Paddy doesn’t want to become a victim of ‘gun panic’ but he does feel the gun lobby has a point.

    ‘There has to be a point where you think that guns don’t kill people – but they do kill people who have access to them,” he says.

    A gun culture

    What should a gun culture look like in Australia? I’ve heard it described as ‘the only solution to the problem of gun violence in Australia’, ‘the only possible way to stem gu

    Manipulation alleged in burke trial: prosecutors say

    The judge, a retired county prosecutor, said the evidence “does not add up to establish beyond a reasonable doubt” that Burke acted improperly.

    He said the evidence in the case did not show that the defendant did anything illegal to induce or encourage others to engage in criminal sexual acts or conduct.

    “To suggest the evidence is tainted simply is incorrect,” he said.

    Burke’s attorneys, Larry Pascua, Joseph Wasserstrom, and Mark Breslin, all of Brooklyn, argue his case against the prosecutors is flawed because the state’s case has not been properly prepared, the Brooklyn Post reported.

    One of the prosecutors had asked to have Burke jailed for five months to prevent him from participating in the trial, according to the paper.

    Breslin argued in a pretrial motion that Burke could have avoided the charges by turning himself in and cooperating with the investigation.

    “The government, through the FBI, has determined that Burke took action to further their plan of making this case look credible, as evidenced by his cooperation and cooperation with law enforcement authorities,” Wasserstrom said.

    Burke had denied that he was involved in the alleged sexual activity and said he didn’t know it was happening, the court papers state.

    Burke is charged with first-degree criminal sexual act after a woman told police she came into a car seat in April and saw him trying to kiss her, according to charging documents. The woman said she drove away after the encounter.

    The man, identified only as James W. Burke, 32, faces two counts of first-degree criminal sexual act in the second degree, the documents state.

    Burke also faces charges of lewd or lascivious act by a sexual predator, and aggravated menacing, sexual battery on a child and lewd act on a child. He is held in Brooklyn detention and his bond was set at $50,000.

    Wasserstrom said the prosecutors have a clear case against Burke.

    “The evidence shows that Burke did commit sexual acts and conduct that did not constitute rape,” he said.

    In a plea deal, Burke and the women pleaded guilty in April to a variety of charges including lewd or lascivious acts by a sexual predator and aggravated menacing.

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    Ex england batsman graeme hick named centre of excellence coach” #TheDailyShow — Neil Munro (@neilmunro) June 25, 2015

    I’ve got an idea for the #DailyShow tonight. The #batsman #guru #caughtOn — James Woods (@JamesWoodsMumbai) June 26, 2015

    @neilmunro don’t be stupid: the batsman’s #praise needs to be for how he played. That’s your award and nothing more. — Pankaj Pandey (@Pandey_931) June 26, 2015

    Oakeshott furious about gloucester csg approval of new project

    Oakeshott: The project will be more than 100 hectares, with 20 hectares of agricultural land

    NDP Leader Danielle Smith says the proposed $5-million project at Blaine and Lorne is “not appropriate” and will harm the environment and communities it seeks to serve.

    “We do not support the development of a hydroelectric project,” Smith said Monday. “What we do support is the ability of British Columbia’s communities to continue to benefit from its tremendous natural beauty, and we urge the premier to not make this a political football.”

    Smith is chair of the BC Green Party, along with two others and former mayors Doug Ford and Mike Schreiner, who is also running for re-election.

    The BC government has not released a decision on whether it will proceed with the project, which has yet to begin testing.

    Oakeshott said the project will be more than 100 hectares, with 20 hectares of agricultural land in Blaine and Lorne.

    “At this point, I would not be able to predict the future of this project,” he said.

    The premier said the project will benefit the Blaine-Lorne area by reducing greenhouse gases, producing more jobs and providing economic opportunities for a more diverse population.

    He also said there are opportunities to grow a variety of food crops including strawberries and peaches and they can benefit local schools and other community facilities.

    The project is part of a national initiative from the federal government to improve drinking water access, improve stormwater management and improve quality of life for indigenous communities in the northeast.

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