Two-day HUREX 2019 Training Exercise Kicks Off Under theme “A Full System Test”

Hurricane Exercise 2019 (HUREX 2019) will start on Monday, June 24 and continue on Tuesday, June 25 under the theme “A Full System Test.”

The preparedness of the system of Disaster Response as it is currently structured for the country will be tested and evaluated in order to further develop the country’s Disaster Management Strategic Plan.

On Monday there will be several workshops on information management and sharing, working together effectively and the decision-making process.

On the second day of HUREX 2019, the exercise continues with a full-scale live drill on operational, tactical and strategic level of the Disaster Management Organization.

Various emergency services and military vehicles as well as personnel from various governmental and non-governmental entities, will be working together during the exercise, and the public will see a noticeable increase in activity in some districts and on the road network of the aforementioned services which is part of HUREX 2019, and therefore their is no need for alarm.

HUREX takes place on an annual basis and includes the 10 Emergency Support Functions (ESFs) from the country’s Disaster Management Organization along with the Dutch military detachment based on the island and additional military resources and assets from overseas.

The exercise allows all relevant government agencies, semi-government organizations and non-governmental organizations along with the military to familiarize themselves with operational protocols in the event of a disaster and in this case a hurricane threat/disaster.

The exercise takes place under the banner of the Fire Department/Office of Disaster Management.

The Fire Department/Office of Disaster Management falls under the Ministry of General Affairs.