Successful extradition of shooting suspect

On Monday 17th June 2019 the KPSM detectives received suspect O.R.C, who was extradited from the French authorities. The suspect was said to be involved in the shooting incident which took place in front of the Fu Yung Supermarket back in 2018.
On March the 21st, 2018 the Emergency Dispatch received several calls, stating that an argument had taken place between two men, which escalated into a fight. At one point during this confrontation the suspect O.R.C. pulled a gun and fired several shots at the victim, who took off running.
The KPSM detectives got word that the suspect fled to the French side of the island and through a great joint cooperation with the French authorities, the suspect O.R.C. was apprehended and placed under arrest. While awaiting extradition, the suspect was send to Guadeloupe prison.
The suspect was successfully extradited to the Dutch side earlier this week and heard by the detectives of the High Impact Crimes Unit. The judge of Instruction prolonged his detention with eight days on Thursday 20th 2019. As more information becomes available the media will be informed.