SMMC signs remuneration regulation with its medical staff

In order to foster stability and to create continuity in the organization while remaining fully transparent on its way to transform to the new St. Maarten General Hospital, St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) signed a remuneration regulation with its medical staff recently.
The signing of the remuneration regulation successfully concludes a trajectory of in-depth negotiations between SMMC’s Board of Directors and SMMC’s Medical Staff Board, the latter acting on behalf of all medical staff in service at SMMC.
With the regulation now in place, SMMC will strengthen its position on the labor market by being in a better position to compete with other medical institutions in the region.
SMMC General Director Kees Klarenbeek states: “As we make the transition to the new hospital, all aspects of our medical institution will need to adapt in order to be ready and it is a good position to start once the new building is ready to be moved-in to. To be able to elevate the quality of care we provide close to home, one of the most important components is our human capital. Hence, we make these agreements now to be able to benefit going forward as a medical institution, which also includes constant adaptions to the CLA for non-medical staff. We all need to be prepared to make the step forward together”.
The remuneration regulation sets the benchmark for all components of a labor agreement for SMMC medical staff including salary scales, pension regulation, vacation and study days, sick leave regulation to name a few of its elements.