New secretary of the Boards of financial supervision

As per October 1st Ray Thuis will be the new secretary of the Boards of financial supervision
After an extensive selection procedure supervised by the General Administrative Service, Raymond Knops, State Secretary of Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations, has appointed Ray Thuis (61 years) as Secretary of the Cft as per October 1st. The Chairman and members of the Boards are pleased with this appointment.

Ray Thuis is a lawyer with broad financial and managerial experience. Within the Ministry of Defense he was, among others, Head of Department at the Legal Affairs Directorate and Director of the Financial and Economic Affairs Directorate. At NATO he was a financial controller and as such responsible for major international projects.

In 2007 and 2008, Ray Thuis was a quartermaster and subsequently the first secretary of the then newly established Cft. He is very much looking forward to returning to the islands with his wife and to once again, together with everyone involved, be committed to the further development of sustainable public finances.

With the appointment of Mr. Thuis, the position of secretary of the Cft is definitively filled again