Supervision on electricity and drinking water in the Caribbean Netherlands from now on from the European Netherlands

From now on the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) will carry out the supervision of electricity and drinking water in the Caribbean from the European Netherlands. In the past years, the ACM worked with two employees in the Caribbean Netherlands on defining this supervision. Frequent consultations took place with relevant companies and institutions, on the exact impact of this. ACM now closes its office at Kaya Pedro Luis Brion on Bonaire. ACM employees will regularly pay work visits to the Caribbean Netherlands

ACM-Board Member Henk Don: “Since 2015 ACM has been permanently present in the Caribbean Netherlands. We have learned to know the specific situation well at that time. Now supervision can be carried out from the European Netherlands. Our role is to establish the maximum rates to stimulate companies to efficiency improvements and at the same time enable them to make a reasonable return on their invested capital. ”

The affordability for customers, where necessary, is supported with grants from the national government.

Nothing substantive changes to the work of the ACM in the Caribbean Netherlands. Also for consumers little will change. They may still contact the ACM in the usual way. See