Prime Minister Romeo Marlin says let us “Rally Rally, around our National Flag”!

Prime Minister Leona Romeo Marlin National Flag Day Address

“We are gathered here this morning, for the observance of National Flag Day on June 13th, this year we have chosen to pay homage to one of our most beautiful National Symbols, the Sint Maarten Flag here at this venue on Cole Bay Hill. The full celebration of the flag will be done as it was in 1985, on Sint Maarten Day, November 11th.

When one thinks of a country flag, we know that it represents the people of a country, and vice versa, the people represent the flag. It is no secret and it is well documented that the people of Sint Maarten are “resilient” and so too is the Sint Maarten Flag. The Sint Maarten flag was designed by Roselle Richardson, presented by Dr. Claude Wathey, approved and established in the Island Council on June 13th 1985. Some 34 years later, it is safe to say that the Sint Maarten flag has withstood the test of time.

In Photo L-R – Prime Minister Leona Romeo-Marlin addressing the gathering on National Flag Day

Today, the Sint Maarten Flag is forever a part of our Historical and Cultural heritage. For those that had the privilege to be apart or witness the genesis of our 10-10-10 celebrations it began with the lowering of the Netherlands Antilles Flag and culminated with the hoisting of the Sint Maarten Flag symbolizing the birth of Country Sint Maarten.

As outlined in the Governing Program the goal of this Government is to create awareness by promoting our national identity. Thus, we can achieve this objective by highlighting the importance of our National Symbols such as the Sint Maarten Flag. Watching our National flag flowing in the wind gives us hope, establishes pride in what we do. A National flag also gives us the strength to persevere even when times are tough.

Books such as “National Symbols” written by Lasana Sekou that describes the elements of the flag, cannot be underscored. These books must be cherished and used to enlighten our citizens and guests alike, as this country forges ahead on its quest of nation building. Our National flag is a shining symbol that brings us together as one.

This morning as the flag was being hoisted and as we have gathered here to pay respect to the Sint Maarten Flag, this simple action exemplifies a true sense of patriotism towards our beloved country Sint Maarten.

Every so often, it hurts when I see our flag discolored, worn or tattered but that dismay soon turns to pride and joy when we see a new Sint Maarten flag on a bright sunny morning like today flying so majestically with the Caribbean blue see in the background.

Photo– Uniformed groups at attention at the SXM Flag on Cole Bay Hill

To those of you that fly your Sint Maarten flag regularly, please make sure to take pride by replacing your old flags and I encourage you to continue to show your patriotism and for those that have not joined in yet, please do so.

From today, let us come together; let us fly our Sint Maarten flags proudly. Go get a small one, get a medium one or get a big one, it does not matter just get one to wave as we express our love for this country.

As a reminder on Constitution Day, the second Monday in October and on Sint Maarten Day November 11th let your flag fly high. Today, on Flag Day June 13th, together with pride! – let us “rally rally, around our National Flag”!!