MAC school student visit Police Head Quarters

On Friday 07th June the Sint Maarten Police force welcomed over fifty students of the Methodist Agogic Center School to have a tour of the station. The very energetic and inquisitive group of 5-6 year olds got the opportunity to meet with several different officers and detectives as well as take the full tour of the station to learn the ins and outs of what goes on a daily basis within the walls of the station. The students were able to meet with the Head of the Juvenile Justice department, Head of the Immigration, Head of the Bike, the Head of the Communication and PR department, the watch commander on duty, among many others employed here at the police station. The tour ended with the students being about to check out the police patrol bikes and listen to the sirens of the police cars. They had a terrific day and we would like to thank them for being on their best behavior while on this visit. It is always our pleasure to help groom the minds of our upcoming young people and help to guide them on the right path.