St. Eustatius conducts research to improve the quality of the Personal Administration (PIVA)

The Public Entity St. Eustatius continues efforts to further improve the residence administration of the Civil Registry Office (Census). This inquiry of the Personal Administration (PIVA) has started on Monday June 3rd and runs until the end of June. The study involves a file comparison of those registered to the situation as it occurs in practice. PIVA specialists from The Netherlands, Bonaire, St. Maarten and Aruba are currently conducting field research in Oranjestad and its districts supported by residents of Statia. The cleaning of the PIVA is led by Mr. Mel Raboen de Sanchez Pacheco. A consultation hour is set up to answer people’s questions.

The overall process of the Civil Registry ‘clean-up’ started earlier this year and will intensify after this brief investigation. The research will be carried out in two phases; one phase concerns a first data scan between the PIVAadministration and the situation in practice. The second phase regards an indepth study into the accuracy, actuality an completeness of the personal administration and is scheduled to commence in September 2019. The inquiry will be carried out by civil servants from Statia’s Civil Registry Office supported by their Census colleagues from Aruba, Bonaire, St. Maarten and The Netherlands. It is important that St. Eustatius has its personal administration in order. The benefits include overall quality improvement, which will guarantee services sufficient trust using these data.

On the basis of a short questionnaire interviewers will visit all residential addresses on St. Eustatius. It is the objective to ensure that all adult residents are correctly registered. Persons who cannot be reached will receive a request to contact the Census Office immediately. On a daily base – between 09.00 – 10.00 am – residents can talk with, Mr. Mel Raboen de Sanchez Pacheco, at his office located at the Cottageweg 6, for all questions.