Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard visits Saba and Statia authorities

Last Tuesday representatives of the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard (DCCG) and its Director, Peter Jan de Vin paid a visit to the island of Saba and Statia. During a presentation of the DCCG the Head of Operations gave an explanation of the policy, tasks and assets of the organization. After the presentation the new Metal Shark interceptors gave a demonstration of agility and speed as part of the presentation to the island authorities.

The morning on Saba began with an extensive explanation by Mr. Tim Muller, Island Secretary about Saba and its government. He spoke about the Saba economy, society and challenges that they faced on the island. The DCCG presentation was provided by the Head of Operations, Mr. Ron Louwerse. After the presentation at the Government Administration Building there was a lot of room to ask questions. The attendees, the island and Executive Councils, representatives of the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force, the Fire Department and Disaster management were all involved during the presentation and question round. At the end of presentation the entire delegation went to the Fort Bay Harbor where the Metal Sharks gave a demo and the authorities could go on a tour with the DCCG interceptors.

In photo : the Government Commissioner Mr. Mervyn Stegers giving Mr. Levenstone, Head of the Coast Guard substation SXM a wooden plaque with the coat of arm of Statia at the Conference Room of the Government building in Statia.

After the visit in Saba, the DCCG delegation traveled to Statia. In Statia, the DCCG gave the presentation to the Government Commissioner Mr. Mervyn Stegers and a large group of local authority members of Statia that were present at the Conference Room of the Government building at the Van Tonningenweg. After Mr. Ron Louwerse finished the presentation the attendees had the opportunity to ask questions. Mr. Mervyn Stegers thanked the DCCG for their presentation and honored Mr. Jocelyn Roberto Levenstone, the Head of the Coast Guard substation SXM with a wooden plaque with the coat of arm of Statia. Mr. Levenstone thanked for the beautiful gesture and promised he will visit Statia shortly in order to discuss further matters.

In the Statia harbor, the Metal Sharks team waited for the delegation consisting of Acting Island Secretary, Head of Customs, the Eutel Manager, CEO STUCO, Fire Chief, Director Hospital, Police Chef, GGD, Social, Communication, Coordinator of Disaster management and Fire man Nustar. Upon arrival in the harbor the delegation was welcomed by the Metal Shark team who gave an interesting demo of the interceptors. It was a very fruitful working visit on the two islands where a great number of topics related to the DCCG work has been discussed. The DCCG is looking forward to a successful collaboration with the islands authorities.

The DCCG has twelve new Metal Sharks operating in the territorial waters of Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Statia, St. Maarten, and Saba. The interceptors are an asset to the Coast Guard and have strengthen the DCCG presence in the Dutch Caribbean sea.