Minister Plenipotentiary Cabinet Staff takes part in Media Workshop

The Minister Plenipotentiary and her staff took part in a media workshop at the Cabinet on Wednesday May 22nd by media and communication strategists and trainer(s) firm Pennock/Birza.

The need for the workshop was emphasized by the ongoing developments directly linked to the rebuilding and repositioning process of Sint Maarten related to the damages to the island after the passing of hurricanes Irma and Maria.

The urgent requirement for clear and concise dissemination of information to the larger public in the Netherlands, in particular pertaining to the improvements and the ongoing headway in the rebuilding process, is extremely necessary to combat the negative narrative repeatedly being publicized in the Dutch media, which mainly focuses on the “dump situation”, politics and the corruption allegations.

Minister Plenipotentiary Jorien Wuite elaborated on the necessity to encourage the change in the reporting manner of matters related to Sint Maarten while bringing to the attention and keeping in mind the relevance of repositioning and rebranding the island.

The need to focus and bring the current changes taking place on the island to light and progress made thus far should be the basis for a more positively formulated narrative, according to a statement from the Cabinet on Friday.

The role of Cabinet of the Minster Plenipotentiary is clearly defined in the Governing program 2018 -2022 and eludes to the task mandated to the Cabinet which is to not only ensure proper representation on a Kingdom level, but to gear its focus on diligently seeking partnerships and working towards the stimulation of economic diversification through constant engagement with third parties interested in investing and partnering with businesses on the island.

“Promotion of, and reporting on, Sint Maarten by highlighting the positive changes on the island can and will in fact encourage and assist in bringing these endeavors to fruition.

“As representatives of the island in the Netherlands, but also through steady contacts within the diplomatic community, communicating and informing third parties, including the media of the constant developments taking place on the island will lend to the creation of not only an improved image of the island as it will go a long way to informing the Dutch and international community on the progress.

“This entails the dissemination of accurate, diverse, and positive information in line with the NRBP Bureau and the Government of Sint Maarten.
“The need for such a training by the entire staff consisting of merely nine individuals, cannot be underscored enough. The workshop will be followed by a practical training session in June and the development of a communication strategy and media relations plan which will both be aligned with the Minister Plenipotentiary’s year plan that was recently approved by the Council of Ministers.

“The communication strategy will be drafted in close collaboration with the Department of Communication and the Prime Minister of Sint Maarten.

“As the Minister Plenipotentiary and her cabinet operate in a complex Dutch media world, this first media session is the first step that will allow them to be even better equipped to handle the media in The Netherlands, with the aim of communicating and encouraging a positive and uplifting narrative of the developments taking place on Sint Maarten, and of Sint Maarten as a whole,” the Cabinet press communique concludes.