Two young girls reported missing

The mothers of two teenage girls filed a report with the Juvenile and Morals Department of KPSM regarding their missing teenage daughters. According to the reports these two young girls went missing since Sunday May5th 2019 and have not yet returned home or contacted the parents.

The names of these two young girls are Krisann BLACKSTOCK, 20th of December 2003 in Jamaica and lives in Cay bay on Aaron Jacob drive.
She is together with another 13 year old girl by the name of Kayla WATSON who ran away and went missing on February 28th of 2019. Neither parent knows what the girls were wearing at what time the left home.

Mother of Krisann BLACKSTOCK is Mackeda SHAW, tel. nr. 527-8812
Mother of Kayla WATSON is Carol WATSON, tel. nr. 5261059 / 5541525

These young girls have not reported to school and their whereabouts is unknown.
Kayla is a student in the 6th grade of Lionel Corner School and Krisann is a student Sint Maarten Academy PSVE.

Anyone who have seen these two young girls or have any information that can help their parents and the Police Department located these two girls should immediately contact the Police Department by calling 54-22222 ext. 501 or 502.