2019 Jouvert Jump up was a success

The 2019 Jouvert Jump-up for the 50th Carnival Anniversary on Sint Maarten was a great success. The Jump-up was held on Saturday April 27th and started at 04.00 a.m. on Walter Nisbet road in the vicinity of Salt Pickers round about. The jump-up which consisted of approximately 15 bands and D.J’s then headed towards Freedom Fighter Round about and then via Sucker garden road for a trip around the Great salt Pond which lasted approximately 6 hours. The Jump-up was attended by a very large crowd of revelers, onlookers and visitors to the island.
During the event the police officers guiding the parade had to intervene in at least two incidents of ill- treatment where persons were injured. These persons were treated on the scene and then transported to the Sint Maarten Medical Medical Center for further treatment. Police also intervened in a minimal amount of fights which occurred during the jump-up in those bands with the largest crowds. These fights were quickly brought to and end by police.
A total of seven persons were arrested during the jump-up for minor violations. After paying a fine they were released. The most serious violation was public intoxication and resisting arrest.
The Police Traffic Department dealt with two minor fender benders during this period. There were no traffic accidents with personal injuries or loss of life. No other irregularities related to the 2019 Jouvert Jump-up were reported.
The Police department is taking this opportunity to congratulate the community of Sint Maarten and the visitors to the island for their very good behavior they have shown a great cooperation they haven given to the department to guarantee the safety and security of everyone during this major events which has been one of the largest jump-up ever. KPSM is looking forward to the continued support and cooperation from the community through the rest of the Carnival season.