TelEm Group carrying out emergency cable repairs in Belvedere area

TelEm Group technicians were busy repairing a badly corroded underground telecommunication cable in the Belvedere area today (Tuesday) and say from early assessment, their work will continue through Wednesday.

According to TelEm Group Acting Manager, Outside Plant (OSP), Mr. Steve Simmons, two roads in the Belvedere area will be mostly affected: Low Estate Road and Prospect Road Estate.

“As of Tuesday, some customers in these two roads will already be experiencing interruption in their regular landline and internet service, but from Wednesday, service to all customers on these two roads will be affected intermittently as the lines are cut and spliced back,” said Mr. Simmons.

The Manager, OSP, says work crews are busy preparing tools, equipment and the damaged cables themselves, so that they can be ready to start working on reconnections first thing Wednesday morning.

TelEm Group has meantime apologized to customers in the affected areas for the interruptions in service and for any inconvenience caused