Controls have began

The Sint Maarten Police conducted traffic controls on the AJC Brouwers road in the parking lot opposite the ACE mega store on Wednesday 28th March 2019.
During the controls a total of 138 cars were stopped, 21 cars were confiscated and fined for not having paid their 2019 road tax, 2 were fined for not having vehicle insurance. 22 drivers were in violation of the tint laws and had to remove the tint on the spot, and 6 drivers had to remove the covers that were blocking the visibility of their number plates.
If drivers do not wish to place the new “Carnival plates “on their vehicle they are urged to place the sticker issued by the Cenus office in the front windshield of the vehicle as well as have the new plates in the vehicle at all times. Drivers who opt to place the sticker in their windshield must have their 2018 plates on the front bumper and rear of the car.
Motorist who have not yet paid their 2019 motor vehicle tax are now at risk of being fined during controls which have begun as of Thursday 21st March 2019.