NAGICO Group Launches LIVE FIT Plan to Promote Physical and Financial Wellness

NAGICO Group, a diversified insurance company serving 21 territories in the Caribbean, is pleased to announce the launch of its LIVE FIT health program in Sint Maarten. The health plan will provide gym members and persons that use wearable technology the opportunity to earn discounts on NAGICO’s flagship “Gold Plan,” and they will also receive up to $35,000 in critical illness coverage.
LIVE FIT, as the name of the plan suggests, is designed to encourage customers to focus on their lifestyle and to reward them for being healthy. Annual gym members and persons that utilize fitness trackers and other wearables, depending on their wellness, can earn discounts of as much as 25 percent at the time of initial purchase. Additional discounts can also be earned in subsequent years as persons become healthier.
“Balance is important in everything we do,” said Mirjam Semple, an underwriter in NAGICO’s medical division. “We’re looking forward to helping NAGICO customers achieve balance in their own lives by promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle through rewards and significant discounts in premiums. Now, NAGICO customers can earn discounts based on how healthy their lifestyle is.”
Wearable technology is becoming increasingly popular with health-conscious consumers. It is expected to be 2019’s most popular trend in fitness, according to the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2019. The technology first appeared as a fitness trend in 2016, when it debuted as the number one trend in ACSM’s survey. NAGICO is leveraging this type of technology to reward its customers and to make the underwriting process simpler, thereby enhancing the customer experience.
The launch furthers NAGICO’s goal of encouraging healthy lifestyles among its customers. In 2018, NAGICO hosted its first Health Fair in Sint Maarten, which attracted hundreds of participants.
“It is clear that people are interested in their wellbeing, but due to limited budgets, they may not be able to afford private medical insurance,” said Christopher Hunte, head of NAGICO’s medical division. “NAGICO believes that hard work pays off, which is why we’ve created the reward system with the LIVE FIT promotion.”
As part of the LIVE FIT program, NAGICO is also offering free consultation sessions to interested parties on financial planning. NAGICO’s team of knowledgeable and experienced staff are available to provide information on its suite of life insurance products, which includes pensions and education saving plans.
Contact your NAGICO Representative for more information on the LIVE FIT promotion or request a quote at and ensure that you select LIVE FIT as the Promotion/Campaign.