Joint Controls

The KPSM’s Bike team joined forces with the control unit of Ministry of TEATT on Friday 08th March, to conduct controls in the Philipsburg vicinity. The control was geared toward checking the permits of busses and making sure they were in compliance with the road laws.

A total of 20 busses were stopped in the CA Cannegieter and the Back street area. Fines were given out by KPSM to bus drivers who did not stop passengers on the designated bus stop, who were not in possession of valid insurance as well as busses with tinted windows; owners had to remove the tint on the spot. TEATT also gave stern warning, as well as took note, of the bus drivers that were transporting passengers out of their permitted districts based on their permits and gave fines a few bus drivers that were operating without a first aid kit in their vehicle.
The KPSM along with the Ministry of TEATT would like to urge all public transportation owners to have all of their permits and documents up to date prior to operating their vehicle in a public transportation capacity or risk being fined.