“Young Sint Maartener Ms. Keshia Richards pays visit to the Minister Plenipotentiary Wuite as she prepares to return home as candidate notary

Miss Keshia Richards, a young and dynamic former student of the Milton Peters College and no stranger to the Cabinet of Sint Maarten in the Netherlands, achieved her Masters degree in notary law on 27th of February 2019 at Leiden University. Together with her proud parents, Miss Richards, now a candidate notary, visited the Minister Plenipotentiary of Sint Maarten in The Hague, where she informed the Minister of her plans to return home to the island to begin her career as a candidate notary at an established firm on the island.

She came to the Netherlands about 10,5 years ago where after 4 years later she achieved her bachelors in Groningen at the Hanze Hogeschool, specializing in International Law and Dutch Law. Keshia opted to further her studies at the Leiden university specializing in notary law. After 4 years she has now graduated with a background in family and succession law.

Despite hardships and at times being discouraged and being told that this line of study was not suited for her and that she was not capable enough to see this through, she persevered it and not only achieved her second bachelors in Notary Law, but can now proudly boast after having achieved her Masters.

The daughter of Mr. Franklyn Richards former lieutenant governor and Mrs Angela Richards through faith and the support of a strong family unit is a clear role-model and example to many young scholars who have travelled to the Netherlands to pursue higher education, minister Wuite states. Through perseverance and a clear goal, students can and will achieve their highest potentials with which they are of great value to a country in development and charting a new course, Sint Maarten.

The minister congratulated the proud parents and commended them for the great job they have done in giving Keshia the necessary tools during her upbringing through which she was able to achieve her goals. She further applauded Keshia on her decision to return to the island to practice and carry out her duties on Sint Maarten, stating that many before her had chosen to remain in the Netherlands to jumpstart the professional careers.”Sint Maarten is clearly in need of young professionals with law degrees in order to strengthen SXM professionals on key positions. The tendency of headhunters in the Netherlands is to recruit young professionals from the Caribbean, as they perform well on the job market. Thus it is commendable when our own choose to return to the islands to carry on their professional careers, which certainly is a win-win for all”..