Council of Ministers grant half day off to all female Civil Servants

In celebration of International Women’s Day on Friday, March 8th 2019, the Council of Ministers has decided to grant all female Civil Servants half day off starting from 1:00 pm where the function permits. The public should be aware that due to the gender composition of some of the Ministries, some of the service-oriented departments might close at 1:00 pm.

The Council of Ministers recognizes the importance of the invaluable contribution female Civil Servants continue to offer to the Government and people of Sint Maarten. Female Civil Servants are represented throughout all the various Departments and Ministries of Government. A quick scan of the Civil Service core indicates that women account for almost 60 % of the workforce in Government.

As Government continues in its quest to execute the governing program, “Building a Sustainable Sint Maarten” and considering the importance of women in achieving this objective. The Council of Ministers saw it fit to offer time off as a reasonable compensation on this special day. Productivity and innovation throughout Government remains a top priority and a healthy, energized and motivated civil service core is key to achieving the strategic objectives as outlined.

Additionally, the Council of Ministers is asking all women in the community to go out and support the events that are scheduled on the Women’s Desk Calendar of Events for the “Womanity Fest” that runs from March 8th to April 13th. Some of the events includes a 1000 Women March on March 9th, Prominent Women Gala Dinner & Award and SXM Women Strong expo.

The Council of Ministers is encouraging all persons in the community to set aside some time during their busy schedules on March 8th to recognize and appreciate the women in their lives on International Women’s Day. The Council of Ministers has also taken note that International Men’s Day will be celebrated on November 19th, as such a similar recognition will be decided upon as the time draws near.