Man drown in Simpson Bay

On Friday March 1st 2019 at approximately 09.30 a.m. the Emergency Dispatch received a call informing them that the male victim identified with initials A.B.L. 55 year of age who was on board of the sailing vessel ‘Blowing the Blue Away” had drowned off shore in Simpson Bay. The victim who is here for the events of the Heineken Regatta had jumped off the vessel to take a swim, but shortly after he started complaining of pain in his chest. Persons on board of the vessel he was on jumped into the water to rescue the victim. The Coast Guard and members of the Dutch marines in the area assisted in the attempt to revive the victim bur did not succeed. The victim was transported to the dock of the Coast guard in Simpson bay where paramedics continued to administer CPR. The victim however died of drowning. Dr.Swanson pronounced the death of the victim. The remains of the victim were transported to Royal funeral home.