DCOMM airs TV special on the Regatta, Posted on Gov site, Facebook, and YouTube

On Tuesday, February 26th, the Department of Communication (DCOMM) will air a special on Cable TV 115 at 6:30pm of one of St. Maarten’s main Tourism activities and attractions—the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta.

The Regatta is an event that the Government of St. Maarten subsidized to on a yearly basis to the tune of Naf. 350,000 to assist in marketing the event worldwide.

This leading sailing event is a large scale attraction for tourism target markets from all over the world to come to St. Maarten and take part in this fun event—which includes not only sailing but live concerts with local, regional, and international artists.

The Department of Communication spoke to several persons related to the event to get their perspective and the importance of the Regatta, namely: May Ling Chung, Acting Director of Tourism, two sailing captains Garth Steyn and Tony Burn of the Kidz at Sea, Michele Korteweg, General Manager of the Regatta Office, and Earl “Churchie” York, of Sound 2000.

As Government’s representative, DCOMM spoke to Ms. Chung, who elucidated on how the regatta contributes to the well-being of St. Maarten’s economy and tourism product, and Michele Korteweg gave an update on what all the or how far the Regatta came after Hurricane Irma. The captains provided information of the sailing program and York provided information on what all is involved in the setting up for the Regatta.

The Special on the Regatta will be available on Government’s webpage sintmaartengov.org, Facebook page: Facebook.com/sxmgov, and YouTube page, youtube.com/sxmgov.

This year will be 39th year the Regatta is being held; four days of top sail-boat racing, and live wonderful concerts.

The public is urged to watch the Special and support the world class event.