Frequent offender arrested in Pelican Area

On Monday February 18th 2019, the Sint Maarten Police Force arrested a suspect with initials G.R. (53) in the area of Simpson bay, on the Welfare road. The Emergency Dispatch Center received a call about a man who was suspected to be in possession of several stolen items. When the patrols arrived on the scene the suspect was questioned and it was clear that he was indeed in the possession of items he could not provide proof of ownership for. All items were confiscated; the suspect was placed under arrest and brought to the Police Station for questioning.
The suspect is well known to the Police, for committing burglaries in the Simpson Bay/ Pelican Area in the past. The investigation is currently ongoing. The detectives are asking all residents, specifically those in the Simpson Bay /Pelican area, who may have been a victim of a burglary within the past two weeks to report it to your Community police officer or the Detective Department. All persons that may have been witness to a burglary are also asked to contact the police department TIP Line at 9300 or come in to the Philipsburg station.