SZV starts own radio show: Me & SZV

Social & Health Insurances SZV has started its own radio show entitled “Me & SZV”. The show is part of SZV’s new radio campaign and is designed to offer listeners a ‘different perspective’ of the organization. It is the first time that SZV has produced its own radio show. Me & SZV is broadcasted every first and last Tuesday of the month from 6 – 7pm on 98.1 PearlFM and is available online via – click “SZV radio”.
The first episode was aired on February 5th and is also online. Me & SZV is hosted by SZV representatives Parveen Boertje – Unit Manager Customer Care & Communications and Charonne Holder – Senior Communications Advisor. Each show features both external and internal guests. Topics discussed highlight customer experiences while matching those with the developments taking place within the organization and in some cases, together with its stakeholders.

Parveen and Charonne commented; “It is an honor and we are delighted to host the show as SZV representatives and be pioneers in this new way of communicating with our customers. We are really excited about the show, we are no “radio guru’s” but we are eager to produce a show of quality content for our customers and the community. It is an informal conversation about topics that matter, a different approach. We welcome listeners to engage with us and send us feedback via our Facebook page, website or e-mail.”
Guest speakers of the first episode included Director of SZV Glen A. Carty for the segments “The future of SZV and SZV in the background” and Morenika Arrindell – Customer Service representative for the segment “The customer is always right.” Other topics discussed included the AOV pension, SZV’s social media buzz and the corporate social responsibility of SZV. Each show is broadcasted on 98.1 PearlFM and is available online for timeless listening via – click “SZV radio”.