The General Audit Chamber will see their first Secretary-General, Mrs. Joane Dovale-Meit leave as of January 31, 2019.

After a successful recovery from the devastation of Hurricane Irma, Mrs. Dovale-Meit, has decided, in good agreement with the board, to explore new career opportunities. The process of succession started in mid-2017, but was delayed due to the hurricanes. Mrs. Dovale-Meit, will be followed up in her role by Mr. Keith de Jong, the legal advisor and deputy Secretary-General.
Mrs. Dovale-Meit has been with the General Audit Chamber from its inception, and in fact was the first employee of this High Council of State. Together with the supervisory board, she has the through its start-up phase that started on October 10,2010, to the establishment of a respected advisory and audit organization. Mrs. Dovale-Meit coordinated the first audits of the institution, and managed the development of the organizational policies and processes.
The chairman of the board, Mr. Ronald Halman says: “Mrs. Dovale-Meit’s extensive management expertise and in-depth knowledge of the public sector was critical to the success of the institution. Her skillset is broad and she applied her knowledge and creativity to building a solid institution. Her abilities and talent are evident in our recovery from the devastation of Hurricane Irma. Mrs. Dovale-Meit has played a leading role not only in the development of the General Audit Chamber, but she has also set the pace for the growth of the institution. She has made a major achievement and we wish her all the best in her further career”.
The General Audit Chamber is a high Council of State that is constitutionally charged with the review of government and government-related institutions. Their audit reports provide the relevant democratic institutions, among which Parliament, with impartial insight into the successes and failure of the audited institutions. After presentation to Parliament, reports become public, so that citizens can also stay informed.
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