Allegations against TELEM CEO

SMCU has been hearing some disturbing news where the CEO sign of a project to a company without it going through the process of bidding at the cost of NAF/$ 500.000/600.000.

SMCU also understood that the CTO was threatened by the CEO for him to co-sign the project while the CFO and the former CCO refused to co-sign with the CEO.

SMCU don’t know how true is this allegation against the CEO, but if this is the truth SMCU find it some serious allegation that the board of directors must take action against.

Reason why is that SMCU find that the CEO is currently out of control where he don’t respect his colleagues in the management board, the CEO don’t adhere to the constitution of the company where he cant only sign to a maximum of NAF 50.000.

SMCU don’t have the facts of the above mention allegation but have facts on the following situation that hampering the employees in the company in general.

1) The CEO decided to change the pension scheme from the employees from average pay which call define benefit DB to define contribution DC. This change was made without management and union sign a protocol where parties agreed with the change in the pension scheme. In the CLA it clearly indicate that since 2010 the pension scheme for the employees of SMTOC, the union try at several occasions to reason with the CEO where we try to explain that parties must reach an agreement before management make any changes.

This situation of the pension scheme is currently on its way to court and any damage the CEO have cost the employees is on the cost of the company.

2) The CEO also change the medical coverage from the employees, the employees where covered before un the medical policy from ENNIA for three years with the policy expiring ending 2017.

The policy was change from ENNIA to Nagico which in principal is not a problem because is doesn’t matter the insurance company what matter is the coverage in the policy.

After the policy from Nagico went in effect it came to play that some medical coverage the employees had with ENNIA are less in the Nagico policy.

Again SMCU has try to reason with the CEO and fail to have him cooperating. The CEO is of the opinion that SMCU should not receive the two policy to compare them and analyze where are all the medical coverage where the employees went backwards.

In the meantime the employees medical coverage went backwards the employees remained paying the same amount in premium for less medical coverage, and when the employees dependents are no longer part of the medical policy but yet the premium for the employees don’t change while the premium for the company yes will reduce.

SMCU will also take this matter to court because once the employees are a paying participant in the medical policy the employees have the right to a say in the policy and have the policy after the policy is in effect.