Campaign on violence in relationships: It doesn’t stop by itself. Reach out!

The ministries of Justice and Security and of Health, Welfare and Sport, in collaboration with the public entities, have set up an intensive campaign on the theme of violence in relationships. A painful theme that is not easy to discuss, but that does deserve attention. Via the Facebook pages of RCN and OLB, videos on this theme are posted monthly.

IN collaboration with various aid organizations, the decision was made for a campaign with various themes, particularly paying attention to problems taking place on the islands. Every month a topic related to violence in relationships is highlighted, such as different forms of neglect, mental or physical violence, but also violence against the elderly.

Additionally, this campaign is used to give more recognition to some of the relief organizations in Bonaire:
Youth & Family Center: 715 72 00
Integrated Community Development (Integrale Wijkaanpak): 717 22 11
Victim Support Center: 717 61 81

They are here to offer help or to guide you to the organization that can support you best, in case of neglect or violence. If you recognize yourself in one of the listed situations, do not hesitate to contact us.