Successful Closing of the Legal Basic Course 2017 – 2018

The Legal Basic Course, which started in August of 2017, has reached its completion. The Department of Legal Affairs & Legislation was tasked with the coordination of the Legal Basic Course. The course was scheduled for a period of three (3) months, however due to Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the course was postponed, but has now come to a successful end.

Due to an overwhelming amount of registrations and interest shown in the modules, the department considered arranging additional classes. The modules Constitutional Structure, Administrative law, Presentation and consulting, Professional writing within the public domain (for civil servants) & Integral framework, Legislation and policymaking were presented.

A total of ninety-one (91) civil servants participated in the course. The participants also consisted of a member of the Cabinet of the Governor of Sint Maarten, members of the Secretariat of the Parliament of Sint Maarten, members of the Secretariats of the High Councils of State, such as the Council of Advice and the Ombudsman.

Each session ended with an assignment, of which top candidates have been acknowledged for their outstanding participation and received (l)aw books consisting of the laws of Sint Maarten, written by Professor A.B. van Rijn and Professor L.J.J. Rogier. Professor Rogier also presented two of the modules during the Legal Basic Course. (Constitutional structure and Administrative Law).

The Certificate Ceremony was held on Friday November 30, 2018, at the University of Saint Martin. Amongst our dignitaries and distinguished guests were, the Dean of the University of Curaçao, drs. Flora Goudappel, the Honorable Wycliffe Smith, Deputy Prime Minister of Sint Maarten, who presented a speech on the Character of a Resilient Nation and thanked the participants for the sacrifices made, in spite of the paralyzing odds faced throughout these challenging times. Jennifer Pawirodihardjo-Fer, Head of the Department was also present and stated: “I believe that education is a powerful instrument to make a change. And I truly believe that the knowledge civil servants gained will ultimately lead to more solid and lawful decisions.” The coordination of the Legal Basic Course was in hands of mr. Bas van den Bosch.

The Government of Sint Maarten would like to congratulate the participants for their outstanding commitment to this course, and all those who have contributed in making this course possible, namely:
• University of Curaçao, Professors and Staff;
• SG Hensley Plantijn and the departments within the Ministry of General Affairs;
• SG Miguel de Weever, Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication;
• Mr. Cedric James, Kreative Works Plus;
• Mr. Rignald Martina & Executive staff, Facility Department & Kitchen Staff;
• Mr. Erno Labega, Head of Department of Resources Support & Services (DMO);
• Mr. Addison Richardson, Ground Manager, Walter Plantz Square & Harbor Group of
• Mr. Kenrick Housen, Manager of Carl & Sons;
• Mr. Dilip Jhamnani, Manager of Quiznos;
• Mr. Isidor York, better known as ‘The Mighty Dow’, DMF Dow Musical Foundation;
• Mrs. Betty Arrundell, Shieka’s catering;
• Shop 4 Less;
• Penha;
• University of St. Martin.