COCI advises to keep shady business practices out and offer retail experiences that keep customers coming back

The St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce & Industry (COCI) has taken note of a newspaper story that appeared last Friday under the headline, ‘Shoppers urged to report fake Black Friday sales.’
The newspaper story quotes the St. Maarten Consumers Coalition who urged shoppers who believe they were misled by Black Friday sales to report this to the Consumer Coalition’s office.
The St. Maarten Consumers Coalition referenced a consumers’ organization investigation in the United Kingdom that found many products promoted as being ‘on sale’ on Black Friday were actually cheaper before or after the Black Friday event.
“The Chamber has taken note of the statement made by the aforementioned organization. We do not know if what they are saying is true, however, we advise any business to refrain from such business practices.
“St. Maarten is a popular destination for Caribbean shoppers. Thousands makes there way here on an annual basis to purchase all kinds of products to take back to their respective islands.
“Our country cannot afford to get a reputation of shady business practices. Our inter-island shopping attraction has grown over the years and has always had a good reputation. We are now in the Christmas holiday season, and this is the busiest period of the year for consumers and businesses.
“Overall we need to promote retail shopping experiences that keep customers coming back. As an entrepreneur, you have to be innovative and present amazing offers and products that lead to sales.
“Every store should have a retail experience strategy that includes customer service and it will lead to an excellent destination for holiday shoppers. Businesses have to constantly reinvent themselves and by doing so, it ensures that St. Maarten remains the number one duty free shopping destination in the Caribbean,” COCI Executive Director Anastacio Baker said on Sunday.