TBO searches in various locations on Sint Maarten

As part of an ongoing criminal investigation of the TBO, the Anti-corruption Taskforce, a home and various office buildings were searched this week
The investigations of the TBO focus primarily on corruption and fraud. The Public Prosecutor Office has started a criminal investigation because of strong signals about abuses at the Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post (BTP). Presumably the government has lost millions of dollars in revenue in recent years.
TBO is investigating the purchase/sale and financing of the BTP office building on Cannegieterstraat as well as the high operational costs. This causes a reduction in the payments that they make to the country. Other authorities, such as the Algemene Rekenkamer Sint Maarten and the SOAB, have also previously investigated the expenditures of BTP. In view of the reconstruction of Sint Maarten, great attention is currently being paid to the finances of the country.

The TBO is investigating the case further.