Minister Johnson says Maho Group Solar Power Farm makes good business sense

The Maho Group announced at the end of October that they signed an agreement to rebuild their eco-friendly solar power farm.

The new panels will increase generating capacity with a potential to generate a maximum of 1.15 megawatts of power. The project is to start in June 2019.

Other environmentally-friendly developments at the Maho Group properties are eco-friendly building materials and new thermal insulating sliding doors.

In a statement from the Maho Group at the end of October, it stated that Sonesta Maho Beach Resort, Casino & Spa, and Sonesta Ocean Point Resort, will become two of the most energy-efficient resorts in the Caribbean once reconstruction works have been completed.

“I would like to take the opportunity to commend Management at the Maho Group for their eco-friendly interventions in lowering their groups carbon footprint. Every business has a responsibility to do this.

“2017 was the year of Sustainable Tourism Development according to the United Nations. Sustainable tourism development is when all aspects of tourism’s impact are taken into consideration when developing a plan for a project.

“This entails looking at the socio-cultural, economic and environmental impact. The Maho Group during its rebuilding phase post-Irma and Maria looked at the environmental impact of its properties and how sustainable tourism can make business sense.

“The solar park reduces their energy bill; it uses the energy generated from natural sunlight thereby making optimal use of environmental resources. This is the way forward for our country and I encourage other businesses to look at how they can reduce their carbon footprint,” Minister of Tourism & Economic Affairs Stuart Johnson said on Tuesday.

The agreement was signed with China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) Dutch Caribbean, a subsidiary of a Chinese owned company that specializes in energy and renewable energy projects.