Immigration and Border protection services meet

“The Quadri-partition meeting between the respective countries, namely France, the Netherlands, Sint Maarten and collectivity of Saint Martin, took place on June 28th, 2018. A Joint Declaration of Cooperation was signed, which aims to strengthen cooperation in all aspects and in particular the cooperation between the French Border Police and the Border Control and Protection Service on the Dutch side.
The parties have agreed to the mutual presence of each other’s immigration authorities in their ports. Since the passage of hurricane IRMA there is a need to monitor the migration flows from both sides of the island. The presence of the PAF on the PJIA is more visible and the French border police, the ALPHA Team and Border Control and Protection Service are in contact with each other on a daily basis.
French authorities, PAF, controls started at L’Espérance Airport on Saint Martin with members of the ALPHA Team and the Border Control and Protection Service. This is the beginning of controls that will take place on a weekly basis and continuity of the existing good cooperation between the services of the two countries”.