KPSM comments on school fights

The Sint Maarten Police force is well aware of the increase in the number of school fights that have been taking place within the last few months and would like to send a stern warning to all students and parents that there will be severe consequences for such actions.
The KPSM police have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to school and gang fights and are pleading with all parents to get involved in trying to alleviate this rapidly growing problem by talking to their children about the dangers of getting involved in fights. Penalties vary from community service to jail time. Police officers do not want to resort to using force on a minor however they will not shy away in the event it becomes necessary to do so.
We would also like to reiterate the press release put out by the Public Prosecutor’s office which informed the public that “Youngsters who gang up on one individual risk being arrested and prosecuted. Those who take pleasure in filming these fights run the risk of being reported to Facebook and eventually the deletion of their Facebook account.”
Violence is never the answer and the Sint Maarten police force would hope that we all can come together as a community and put a stop to this unnecessary violence within our community. Go to school and finish the 2018 school year safely.