Be careful buying a car online in USA

The Dutch Caribbean Police Force has received several reports of fraud via the internet in recent months.
On the internet there are several advertisements of good and affordable cars from the United States. The cars are offered for sale at a good price. In the advertisement, all information about the car is neatly stated. Negotiations with the seller seems all legitimate. The buyer must initially pay only a deposit. The remaining sum must be paid on arrival of the car. The buyers also receive a neat letter from the shipper that the car will be shipped and that the shipment can be followed via the track & trace code in the letter.
For insurance and costs of a container, however, one has to pay some extra money. After the deposit, the insurance costs and the costs for the container have been paid, the buyers often do not hear anything anymore. If contact is sought with the seller or the shipper it always appears that the container has been confiscated by the customs. Often in connection with the fact that narcotics and/or weapons were also found in the container.
These cars never arrive and the victims do not get their money back.
The Dutch Caribbean Police Force therefore advises to be cautious when buying cars via the internet. If you have experienced something like this, you can file a report with the police.