Waste2Work showcases their work for the first time at SMILE

“We should start looking at waste differently,” was the main message of the Waste2Work team who were one of the keynote speakers at the SHTA’s SMILE event, which took place over the weekend.

Waste2Work is a sub-project of The SXM Innovation Hub, initiated by the Netherlands Red Cross and Stichting Open House. The project was established about six months ago with the aim to create locally driven solutions through supporting innovative ideas and entrepreneurs.

In the past few months the Waste2Work team has been collecting reusable waste materials, holding workshops, connecting international and local ideas, and supporting a variety of business ideas executed by local entrepreneurs.

At the SMILE event, Madelein Stiekema, Project Manager Waste2Work, introduced Waste2Work as a keynote speaker. Accompanying her was Paul Schurink, an expert in the field of temporary energy supply, sustainability and innovations, who talked about alternatives for single use plastic cups in the hospitality industry.

The University Of St. Martin, which served as the event’s location, was decked out with some of Waste2Work’s creations, including furniture made with discarded plastic, tires, wires and rope as well as second hand wood. At their interactive stand, guests were invited to see the Waste2Work team at work first hand. The team showcased how to craft chairs, pillows, lamps and bags out of waste material.

“It was great to hear all of the positive reactions to our project during SMILE. We made great new connections and many expressed that there is need for alternative waste solutions. Thank you SHTA and partners for giving us a great first platform to showcase our project.”

Waste2Work is the first sub-project of the SXM Innovation Hub. The SXM Innovation Hub and Waste2Work have a lot more in store for the community in the coming months, including workshops for all ages. For information on happenings surrounding Waste2Work follow them on Facebook: or Instagram: @waste2worksxm or surf to www.waste2work.com

Interested persons are also welcome to visit Waste2Work by appointment, located next to Divico in Cole Bay between 9am and 5pm on weekdays. To make an appointment interested persons can send an email to Waste2Work at of****@sx**************.com