TelEm Group launching new Internet Support App

TelEm Group is launching a brand new Support App to better assist customers with their home internet connections whenever problems might arise.

The new App is called “TelEm Support” and is available for download on Android and IOS devices. TelEm Group says, once installed, Helpdesk operators will be able to easily access configuration details of the user and troubleshoot any problems they may be experiencing right away.

“The App is a great tool for checking speed and line quality as a first step to determining what problems an Internet customer might be experiencing,” said Marketing Officer, Stephani Jong Loy.

She said installing the App is a simple two-step process where customers download the app, connect to their home Wi-Fi and run a test. At the end of the test there is code on their display.

“Customers have to give this code to the Helpdesk when calling, and with this code, our TelEm Helpdesk can access their internet connection,” said Stephani.

She says customers must have a working internet connection for the App to function correctly.