Transparency of prices is in the consumer’s interest. The price comparator published by the consumer organizations FTpKB and Unkobon in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Affairs provides a monthly transparent and objective insight into the prices of a basket of 60 products at 15 supermarkets. With the price comparison you can see the price ratio between these 15 supermarkets at a glance.
In October, the prices of the basket slightly decreased compared to the prices of September. On average, prices fell by almost 2%. The lowest prices found dropped by almost 1% and the highest prices found dropped by almost 3%.
The large price drops that we see at some supermarkets are mainly due to the fact that in October besides an A-brand of a product, a cheaper (house) brand is also offered.
From the comparison of the index figures of the past three months it can be cautiously concluded that the more expensive supermarkets move up to the middle. They are therefore relatively less expensive.
The prices are standardized per kilo, per liter or per piece. On the website unkobon.org you find the price observations of all products per supermarket. With these details, you can see for which 12 products the number two of the list is the cheapest. It can also be seen that the total of the highest prices ($ 495) is no less than 2.4 times as high as the total of the lowest prices ($ 206). Consumers who buy price consciously therefore save hundreds of dollars per month.