Les Fruits de Mer Highlights Heritage to Boost Local Education

French Quarter, St. Martin—Les Fruits de Mer is launching new initiatives to help teachers and young people. The non-profit association has provided education about St. Martin wildlife and heritage for the last five years. Since Hurricane Irma, that mission has become even more important. While schools on both sides of the island work to build back their staff and facilities, Les Fruits de Mer is helping with new ways to provide education focused on St. Martin.

Photo: Binkie van Es leads the first session of free BirdSleuth teacher training at Amuseum Naturalis last Saturday.

“The first phase of Amuseum Naturalis at The Old House is open,” said Les Fruits de Mer President Jenn Yerkes. “It’s a great place to learn about the nature, history and culture of St. Martin. We’ve already been getting lots of visits from school classes, youth groups and families.”

Amuseum Naturalis at The Old House is a free museum created by Les Fruits de Mer and located in French Quarter. Right now, the Amuseum features eight exhibits on local natural and cultural heritage. There’s also a botanic walk with native plant signage, a bush tea garden, plots of traditional food plants, and special panels about the historical site and its features. Games and activities in English and French help students of all ages discover and learn. Classes and youth groups can book free visits to the museum.

The Amuseum is also hosting free bilingual teacher trainings for the BirdSleuth Caribbean program. The program includes fun lessons, games and activities made for the Caribbean. BirdSleuth uses local birds to help kids connect with nature and learn science and problem-solving skills. Training at the Amuseum will empower dozens of schools and youth groups on both sides of the island with this program.

Photo: Delphine David shares stories about her life in an interview filmed by Les Fruits de Mer.

“We love helping people discover what is special about St. Martin,” explained Les Fruits de Mer co-founder Mark Yokoyama. “That could happen at a visit to the Amuseum or a BirdSleuth activity in your school. We also share everything we do for free online, including books and movies. Interviews we’ve filmed with St. Martiners reveal a lot in just a few minutes. They’re a great way to connect with local culture and history in the classroom or just watching on your phone.”

The fall hours of Amuseum Naturalis are 9am-noon Tuesday to Saturday. The next free BirdSleuth teacher trainings are scheduled for October 20-21. Contact in**@le************.com to participate in the trainings or to schedule a free school visit. Short films, presentations, books, and art activities focused on local nature, culture and history are available for free download on www.lesfruitsdemer.com.