IT server upgrade glitch causing slow start to TelEm Group’s Monday opening

TelEm Group says an upgrade of IT equipment over the weekend caused some lost network connections that IT staff were busy restoring at the start of the business day Monday.

The upgrades were principally to servers use for internal network operations.

According to Acting Manager, IT, Edgardo Lynch, the scheduled work at the weekend was in TelEm Group’s Data Center located in the department’s Server Room.

“We experienced some unexpected delays and the scheduled work ran into this morning even though our IT technicians were working diligently throughout the weekend and into the early hours of the morning to complete the task,” said Mr. Lynch.

He said customers affected by the glitch would have been those calling TelEm Group’s Helpdesk during the weekend and customers seeking assistance from Customer Service Representatives and Cashiers at the start of the business day Monday.

Personnel within TelEm Group were also affected, since the downed network is also used to drive internal communication systems.

As of 9:30 this morning the internal network systems were systematically being brought back online and Mr. Lynch estimated that within the hour all systems would be back in normal operation. He has meantime apologized to internal staff and also to members of the public for any inconvenience caused.