Police arrests several suspects

Friday September 7th was a very busy day for the Police department during which several suspects were arrested.
In the early morning hours on Friday detectives made an arrest and conducted a house search on Mess-apple road in Sint Peters. This house search and arrest were done in connection with an ongoing criminal investigation which took place on August 6th in Sint Peters.
A male suspect identified with initials D.R.B. from has been detained. Several items have been confiscated during the house search by orders of the Acting Judge. The investigation is ongoing.
In the afternoon hours on Friday September 7th a male suspect identified with initials A.K.W. was arrested during a raid held by police on the Soualiga road. A warrant for the arrest of the suspect in question was issued in connection with an ongoing criminal investigation.
During this raid five other suspects were arrested in connection with violation of the drugs and weapons laws. The drugs and fire-arms found in the possession of the suspects were confiscated for further investigation. All suspects were taken to the Philipsburg head Quarters where they will remain in custody for questioning and further investigation.