Celebration “Day of the Press” successful

On Thursday,August 30th , RCN organized the “Day of the Press” for the second time in collaboration with the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB). In the meanwhile this became a good tradition to show appreciation for the press and to strengthen the relationship with the press.

The theme of this year was “The role of the press and government during a crisis”. A topical theme because Hurricane Irma is still fresh on our retina. During Irma it became clear how important communication, understanding and cooperation between the press and the government is. It is important that the press and the government are aligned to limit miscommunication or disruption of information during a disaster or crisis.

The afternoon was opened by acting Kingdom Representative Jan Helmond, after which the Island Governor of Bonaire, Mr. Edison Rijna, demonstrated the Disasterprep Bonaire (https://we.tl/t-KvYZIv0VkY ) through an animation. This is the disaster and crisis app of the OLB. Presentations were given to 42 participants including the press, communications experts from the government and semi-government. In a workshop participants were asked to find out what problems they experience during a crisis or disaster. There was a lively discussion between the different groups.

It was concluded that governments must realize that, in the current time of social media, information is brought out quickly. Governments will have to respond to this by introducing shorter lines in the procedures, so that coordinated and reliable information can be provided as quickly as possible.

The press indicated that speed is important to them. But that if communication to them was transparent and open, they would rather appreciate the accuracy of information, above speed.

The aim of this afternoon was to have the press and governments to work together better so that they can properly inform the public and have a better understanding of each other. The conclusions and agreements made will be shared with the participants. The afternoon ended with a snack and a drink during a boat trip.