Livestock owners advised to review measures to secure animals this hurricane season

The Office of Disaster Management (ODM) is urging livestock owners to review their plans on how they will secure their livestock in the event of a hurricane strike.

Livestock owners should make sure that their animal holding areas and other infrastructure are able to sustain a hurricane strike. Any loose material that is currently not in use should be securely fastened in order to avoid damage to property and endangering human lives during the passing of a hurricane.

The following tips should be taken into consideration: Don’t keep your cattle in a barn or stable structure. This is to prevent injury from flying debris. If the barn/stable collapses, cattle have no chance to save themselves. Relocate livestock to a predetermined safe area and ensure that they have access to hay, pasture, clean water, and a safe area or high ground above flood levels.

If you have chicken cages, these should be reinforced. Medical supplies and a first aid kit should be kept on hand.

Store drinking water for a number of days. Also have an adequate supply of feed.

Be prepared this hurricane season.